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Shippers are companies or trucks that send goods. Shippers are separate entities from Suppliers.

How To Create A Shipper Record

  1. Go to Records>Shipper.
  2. Click New on top bar.
  3. Specify record number by either select the provided number or create your own.
  4. Add information- Name, Mail To address, and Contact Information.
  5. Click Save on top bar when finished.

Additional Record Information

Located in the center panel

Terms/AP Panel

This section shows the terms for payment. The Early pay discount box is used if full payment is received within the number of specified days. The general ledger and accounts payable box will allow you to specify an applicable payable GL account. If no GL accounts are created within eoStar, the system will use the eoStar default accounts.

Terms & AP 2.gif

Web Panel

The Shipper's website may be linked here.

Reports Panel

This segment shows any reports related to the Shipper Records. The selected report can be changed under the Report segment at the bottom and by the time period. The reports shown here can be sent to both the printer and excel. [For more information see Reports Panel.]