Salesperson Handheld - Presell Orders

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Invoice Main Screen
Order Entry Screen
Totals popup (appears when tapping on column headers)
The following is a list of steps used by salespeople to create a new presell order using eoMobileCF. For information on how to edit an already saved order, see Salesperson Handheld - Editing Invoices. For a video tutorial, see EoMobile Video Tutorial - Servicing a Customer (Presell Order for Salespeople).

Product promotions are also shown in creating an order. For more information on promotions on the handheld, see Promotions on Mobile Devices.

It is possible to Hold an order by taping the hyperlink Hold. This ability, will not remove zero-quantity items on the invoice; but instead leave these items so that the user may return to the invoice and complete it at a later time. Held orders will show a "H" on the Run Route Screen, which can be tapped to re-open the order. In October 2009, changes were made to allow the upload-only operation to be performed even if there are orders on hold.

Tapping on the $ at the bottom of the invoice screen will show three values for the selected product. The shown three values are based on the company's settings.

  • P = Price
  • D = Discount
  • X = X-total ((Price - Discount) * Quantity)
  • C = Loaded Cost
  • N = Net (Unit Price - Unit Discount)

It is possible to "Sort by Item Description" and "Sort by Item Number" for the products in the invoice. Even if the invoice is sorted, when you add a new item that item is still always added after the currently selected item. Note lines will be listed on the top of the list.

Additionally, it is possible to choose which columns are displayed on the screen. To change the columns, select the "Star" menu and then Customize Layout. Select or de-select the boxes to choose which columns or information to show.

How-To Create A Presell Order

  1. From the main screen, tap Run Route.
  2. Select the customer off the list and tap the hyperlink Service.
  3. Tap Pre-sell.
  4. View any notes and tap Ok.
  5. The Invoice Main screen will appear.
    1. To add a order type, select the hyperlink. Select the changes, and then click the hyperlink Use It.
    2. To add the PO Number, select the hyperlink. Type the changes, and then click the hyperlink Use It.
    3. To add who the order was placed with, select the hyperlink. Type the changes, and then click the hyperlink Use It.
    4. The delivery information including the delivery date and driver is set up at the backend (eoStar). To change the delivery information, select the hyperlink and make the changes. Then tap the hyperlink Use It.
    5. To make the customer taxable or to create a special delivery, mark the boxes.
  6. Tap the To Order Entry Screen To Order Entry Screen.JPG button. This screen contains all the products and quantities in the order.
    1. To add a product, either search using the search button Search.JPG or type in the product number and tap +. Type in the quantity. For more information on this functionality, see EoMobileCF Find/Add Items.
    2. To view the totals while in invoice view, tap the column headers to bring up a total summary.
      1. To turn on or off the on-screen keyboard, tap the Keyboard Keyboard.JPG button.
      2. There are two view types available on the Order Entry Screen. They are Single-line view and Invoice-Based view. To switch to the single-line view tap the Single-Line View Switch to single-line view.JPG button. To switch to the invoice-based view, tap the Invoice-Based View Switch to invoice view.JPG button. Note: These buttons toggle back and forth based on the view you are currently in.
      3. The Star Menu Setup or customize layout.JPG button on the invoice screen's options:
        1. To customize the layout of the single-line or the invoice-based view, tap Customize Layout.
        2. To add a line item note for the selected item, tap Add Line Item Note. Type in the note.
        3. To add a copy of the selected item to the invoice, tap Add Copy of Selected Item.
        4. To change the description of the selected item, tap Change description.
        5. By selecting Delete Unsold Items, any zero quantity orders in the invoice will be deleted.
        6. Auto-Bump Scanned Items is added with the AutoBump Plugin.
      4. Use the Delete Delete order line.JPG button, to delete any selected items.
      5. On the invoiced-based view, it is possible to move items up and down the order invoice by tapping the Move Up or Move Down Move Up or Down within grid.JPG buttons.
      6. When finished making changes to the order, tap the Back Back.JPG button.
  7. To record a driver's note, tap the Notes Notes.JPG button. Type in the changes, and click the hyperlink Use It.
  8. To set the manual delivery charge, tap the Modify Delivery Charges Modify Delivery Charges.JPG button. Type in the changes, and click the hyperlink Use It.
  9. To view the history of the clients orders, tap the To Order History Screen History.JPG button.
  10. To view the totals for the order, tap the Order Summary Order Summary.JPG button to go to the Order Summary screen.
  11. When finished making changes, tap the hyperlink Save. This will bring you back to the Run Route Screen. Besides the customer record, there will now be a dot showing that that customer has been serviced.


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