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eoStar is an open-architecture database. Therefore, it is easy to mine the data with various tools, and all data within eoStar is real-time. Some tools that are built into eoStar currently include:

  • SQL Reports – can be developed by the user in eoStar, and show on the various report panels in eoStar


  • Crystal Reports – can be developed by the user, and added to the eoStar database. They can also display in the various report panels in eoStar


  • Sales Analyzer – Built-in graphical data query tool which is accessible from various records in addition to a system-wide viewer


  • ION Reports – High-powered built-in data analysis tool using a perpetually updated data cube that allows the users to dissect mass amounts of data virtually instantaneously


Other tools which can be run outside of eoStar include, but are not limited to:

  • Business Objects
  • Margin Minder
  • SQL Reporting Services