ION Reports - Style Conditions Editor

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Style Conditions Editor
The style conditions editor is used to apply specific fonts and display options to specific cells within the grid in an ION report. For instance, this is particularly useful if a cell in a specific column should be displayed red if it is below an amount and green if above. To do the above example, the Condition must be set to less, the value should be 0, and the font should be red.

The Style Conditions Editor will change a field based on a selected Condition. The Field Properties Editor will simply alter the fields.

How to Add a New Style

  1. Select the grid column.
  2. Click the hyperlink Add New Style Condition at the bottom of the popup.
  3. Using the drop down arrow, select the condition and any values.
  4. Check the checkboxes correlating to the location the condition will be applied to.
  5. Under the heading "Appearance when applied" use the drop down arrows to select the specific appearance for the items. To expand the grid to include more options, use the +.