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In October 2009, changes were made to add the tab "Dx Formats" to all ION Reports. This tab can be used to create DevX reports saved within the system which can be used to quickly run data in a user created format.

The Dx formats tab works with both regular ION and Mobile ION.

How-To Add a New Report

  1. Select the ION Report and use the left hand tabs to select any additional information.
  2. Click the tab at the top of the screen labeled "DX Formats".
  3. Click the command button New Report.
  4. Name the report and click the command button OK.
  5. Click the design button on the bar.
  6. Use the report designer to design the report.

Printing DX Reports

Report Designer

The report designer is used to create the reports. For additional information, see DX Reports.

Corrective Actions