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ION Reporting is a dynamic reporting tool that allows the user to create customized reporting documents pertaining to Sales, Inventory, Purchases, and much more. The following is a list of available ION Reports broken out by functional area:


  • ION Report - Daily Loading Report - The Daily Loading Report provides statistics on products and pallets that have been loaded onto trucks.
  • ION Report - Depletion Report - This report shows the beginning and ending amounts of product for a given time frame, as well as the subsequent purchases, sales, repacks, write-offs, and transfers that might affect the inventory levels.
  • ION Report - FIFO Layers - The Fifo Layers Report will display any layers for the products using Fifo. For more information, see FIFO Plugin.
  • ION Report - Inventory aging - The Inventory Aging report provides a listing of active product inventory broken into buckets based on how long they have been on-hand (0-45 days, 45-90 days, etc.). This report also provides the total cost of the inventory within each aging bucket.
  • ION Report - Inventory Hits - This report measures the frequency of orders of products and then assigns the products a rank. The rank correlates with the most effective place to put the inventory for ease of picking many orders.
  • ION Report - Inventory Levels - This report lists the number of products at the selected warehouses based on a cutoff date and time period.
  • ION Report - Inventory Turnover - This report tracks inventory movement by cost.
  • ION Report - Inventory Valuation - This report values the products in the selected warehouse based on the costing method for that product and then assigns a rank for that product based on Jon Schreibfeder's White Pages.
  • ION Report - Parts levels - The Parts Levels report will display all active Parts, and their current inventory levels.
  • ION Report - Receiving Shelf Life - The Receiving Shelf Life ION Report will show current sellable inventory levels, as well as any shelf life thresholds and the quantity within the threshold. This will allow the user to quickly and easily monitor all shelf life levels and sellable inventory levels throughout the warehouse. It includes a flag to only report on items with a current pallet hold.
  • ION Report - Sellable Inventory - The ION Sellable Inventory Report was designed to allow the user to report on sellable inventory levels.
  • ION Report - WMS Levels - This report displays inventory quantities at WMS Locations
  • ION Report - WMS Locations - This report lists all WMS Locations along with setup information and the last time counted.
  • ION Report - WMS Replenishments - This report is designed to monitor WMS par levels, compare them to on-hand quantities, and report on what needs to be replenished.
  • ION Report - Retail Date Codes - It will display all retail date codes entered in the system through eoTablet.


  • ION Report - Customer List - The Customer List report provides a listing of all customer records and their attributes.
  • ION Report - Equipment List - The Equipment List report provides a listing of all equipment records and their attributes.
  • ION Report - Pricing and Promotions - This report will show every possible price and discount at which a customer could buy an item over a range of dates.
  • ION Report - Product List - The Product List report provides a listing of all product records and their attributes.
  • ION Report - Supplier List - The Sustomer List report provides a listing of all supplier records and their attributes.


  • ION Report - Inventory Days-on-Hand - This report shows the estimated number of days before a product will be out-of-stock for the selected warehouse(s) starting from the cutoff date.
  • ION Report - Laid-in Costs - The Laid-in Costs report will display all all current laid in costs for the products in the database.
  • ION Report - Recommended Order Report - The goal of this report is to set a recommended number of cases to order for a product.
  • ION Report - Sales/Inventory Report - This report is a combination of the Ten-day report and the Inventory Days on hand report. It examines the sold quantities for the last 10 days based on the cutoff date while also showing the days supply and incoming amounts.
  • ION Report - Ten-Day Report - The ten-day report is used to forecast sales for the current month.





User Surveys

  • ION Report - Results by Answer -
  • ION Report - Results by Survey -
  • ION Report - Surveys - Added with the Ux Plugin, this report displays User Survey results.