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With the handheld devices, special deliveries or orders can be created. When creating special deliveries on the handheld, it is possible to assign a specific driver; however, it is also possible to assign a driver for an order in eoStar using the Truck Assignment. Hot Shot orders can also be created using the mobile devices. Special deliveries are handled the same as regular deliveries for the drivers within eoMobileCF.

If the customer has an “Alternate delivery driver” then that driver will be selected by default when checking “Special delivery”. However, if the customer has no alternate driver, then the system will use the the customer's assigned warehouse's “Default off-day delivery driver”.

Additionally, the driver can be left unassigned. This will put the order into Order Tracker without a driver assigned. To then assign a driver, open the order and assign it or dispatch it using the Delivery Dispatch.

How-To Create a Special Delivery Using a Mobile Device

  1. From the main screen, tap Run Route.
  2. Select the customer off the list and tap the hyperlink Service.
  3. Tap Pre-sell.
  4. The Invoice Main screen will appear.
  5. To create a special delivery, mark the box. By marking this box, it is possible to choose the specific driver to deliver the order.
  6. Complete the order just like a presale. For more information, see Salesperson Handheld - Presell Orders

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