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eoTouch Presell is eoStar's presell application built to run on iOS devices. eoTouch Presell allows users to create orders, enter payments and sample requests, and perform POS related-tasks (enter requests, placements, and pickups).

eoTouch provides a user-friendly interface with streamlined operation, advanced reporting capabilities, and many more exciting functions.

  • Functional Area: Sales Support
  • Roles Impacted: Presellers

Installing eoTouch

eoTouch is distributed via email.

  1. Open the email on the iOS device and tap on the link to install.
  2. Once eoTouch is installed, the icon will appear on the home screen of the iOS device.
  3. Since eoTouch is not installed via the App Store, you will need to Trust the developer after installation.
  4. Go to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management > Rutherford & Associates, Inc.
  5. After selecting Rutherford & Associates, Inc., tap Trust Rutherford & Associates, Inc.
    • Note: After completing this task, the text will say "Delete App."

Setting Up eoTouch

  1. Go to Settings and scroll down to the eoTouch application.
  2. Enter the following information.
  3. Camera - Turn on to allow eoTouch to access the camera.
  4. Web server - Enter the mobile web site or IP address to connect to.
  5. Database - Enter the connection string name.
  6. Handheld # - Enter the handheld RecKey/Number.
  7. Password - Pulls from Records > Employee > Records > More panel: Access password.
  8. Secure Sync - Toggle on to require additional server setup for added security.
  9. App Mode - Toggle between Delivery, Pre-sell, etc.
  10. Enable printer integration - Toggle on to enable connecting to Bluetooth printer.
  11. Printer offset (dots) - Shifts the print area on Bluetooth printers.
    • Note: A positive number shifts the print area to the right; a negative to the left.
  12. Left handed mode - Turn on to enable left handed mode (for left handed users).
  13. Theme - Do not change the theme from Default (white).
  14. Enable beta features - Turns on beta features in eoTouch.

Available App Modes

eoTouch has several app modes, and each app mode contains its own unique tools and features. These app modes align with employee Sales, Delivery, and Management roles.

First-Time Opening eoTouch

The first time you open eoTouch, you will be prompted with two access notifications:

  • Allow “eoTouch” to access your location even when you are not using the app? Tap Allow.
  • “eoTouch” would like to send you notifications. Tap OK.

Certain functions of eoTouch will not operate properly if you do not allow these settings. You should allow both of them.

ION Reports

  1. Tap ION reports to select from previously created ION reports.
    EoTouch Delivery ION1.jpg
    • Note: You must have permission to view ION reports to see anything in this screen.
  2. Tap the report you want to load.
    EoTouch Delivery ION2.jpg
  3. Once you select a report, you can choose to run the report as is (Default), or you can run it in the DX format (if it has been created ahead of time on the back end). Tap the format you would like to view.
    EoTouch Delivery ION5.jpg
  4. After selecting a format, the report will load. To print, tap the printer icon.
    EoTouch Delivery ION3.jpg
    • If changes were submitted, they will be shown in the Change column.
    • Any changes entered at this stage will result in an item transfer being created to set the levels to the correct count.
  5. Tap Done when you are finished.
  6. Tap < Back when you are finished viewing reports.
    EoTouch Delivery ION4.jpg

Done for the Day

Done for the Day sends a one-way notification to the back end of eoStar, notifying the office that you will not be submitting any more transactions for the day. This information is highly important for order processing in the instance that the route has created any transfers or orders to be processed for future dates.

  1. Tap Done for the Day when you are finished with your route. You must sync before tapping Done for the Day.
    EoTouch Delivery Done for the Day1.jpg
  2. Tap Notify Office Now.
    EoTouch Delivery Done for the Day2.jpg


The Sync options will vary slightly depending on whether BETA mode is enabled.

EoTouch Delivery Sync1.jpg
  • Upload - Sends data from the handheld device to the back end of eoStar (you also download updated inventory information if Live Inventory is enabled).
  • Full Sync - Sends all data from the handheld to the back end and downloads a fresh set of data. Prior transactions created will no longer be available to review on the handheld.
  • Refresh Inventory - Downloads updated inventory information only (only available if Live Inventory is enabled in eoStar).
  • Erase all your entries - Removes all work and transactions from the handheld, losing all work forever if it has not been uploaded (only available with BETA mode enabled).

Change User

  1. Tap Change User to change the logged in user.
    EoTouch Delivery Change User1.jpg
  2. The current user will be listed at the top of the list. Find the user you want to change to in the list and then tap on that user.
    EoTouch Delivery Change User2.jpg


Archives provides you with the ability to send a compressed version of all transactions created on the handheld via email.

  1. To archive your data, tap on Archives.
    EoTouch Delivery Archives1.jpg
  2. Tap +.
    EoTouch Delivery Archives2.jpg
  3. Once the archive appears, tap on it.
    EoTouch Delivery Archives3.jpg
  4. Tap on Mail to support@eoStar.com.
    EoTouch Delivery Archives4.jpg
  5. Please provide an explanation of your reason for sending the archive. The most popular reasons are:
    EoTouch Delivery Archives5.jpg
    • I cannot upload and need someone to manually upload the data for me.
    • I am doing testing, and I am sending in reproduction steps for support to analyze.
  6. Tap Send.