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Records>Customer>Customer Sets
Customer Sets are a way of defining a group of retail customers which makes it easier for them to be selected for things like promotions, MBO Incentive Programs, reports, Customer Permits, and Surveys. For example, useful customer sets might include on/off premise accounts, specific chain accounts, etc.

Customer sets are also used in the creation of off-schedule customers and utilized in Assign Off-Schedule Customer Sets.

How-To Create A New Customer Set

  1. Go to Records>Customer>Customer Sets.
  2. Click the command button New
  3. Specify the record number, either by selecting the provided number or creating your own.
  4. Add information - Name and description.
  5. On the Customers Panel, select the drop down arrow. Check the check boxes next to the customers you wish to include or exclude.
  6. When finished making changes, click the command button Post.

Additional Information

Customers Panel

The customers panel is used to select the customers located in the customer set.

In February 2010, changes were made to add the Retail Only checkbox to the customer selection popup. If unchecked, the system will include non-retail customers in the selected Customer Set.

Receivables Panel

This panel gives basic A/R information for the selected record. To view additional information, check the checkbox Show Apply Lines.


Records > Employees > Records > Access Records

  1. Setup Customer sets