Client eoStar Installation Guide

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This page will explain the requirements for the installation as well as how to load eoStar. For information on upgrading eoStar to the 2008 version, see Upgrade.

For information on installing eoMobile, see Handheld Setup. For information on installing eoTablet, see Tablet Installation.

In order to upgrade each workstation, see Upgrading the Workstations.

For information designed for IT personnel or providers, see EoStar guide to IT.doc.


These requirements should be installed prior to the installation or upgrading of eoStar. For additional information on supported Operating Systems, see Supported Operating Systems.

Using Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 2.0:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter User Name and Password.
  3. On the left side bar under Documents select Shared Documents.
  4. Select the Setup zip folder or windows installer package titled Setup.
  5. Select Run and follow the setup prompts.

Boot from disk:

  1. Place the installation disk into the CD drive of the computer.
  2. If there is no automatic setup window, then from the Start menu, click on My Computer.
  3. Under Devices with Removable Storage click DVD-RW Drive (D:)
  4. Select the windows installer package titled Setup
  5. Select Run and follow the setup prompts