AR Balance

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The customer's AR balance is tracked throughout the system and can be viewed in several locations. This balance consists of all payments, charges, and credits within the system.

The AR Aging Periods are setup in the master control screen and are used to determine the age of the balance. These aging periods are shown throughout the system, with the most notable being located on the Records>Customer>Records Receivables Panel. To view orders requiring payments, select the radio button Open Credits and Unpaid Invoices Only on this panel.

Hold Codes may be created and added to customer records to show that they have an overdue balance within the system. These hold codes are manually added to each customer record.

AR reports on all customers or even a single customer may be created in the Records>Reports>Records screen and subsequently printed through the Print Reports screen.

The Payment Processing screen is where payments may be applied to the customer's AR balance.


The handheld devices will track the customer's AR balance for both the Salespeople and the drivers. This information is shown by tapping on the AR button AR.JPG. The screen will then show the payments made by the customer and display if they are past due. Additionally, this button changes colors as a quick visual of the customer's balance. For more information, see Handheld - Editing Customer Information.

To print the balance on all invoices printed from a Mobile device, check the checkbox Print AR Balances on Invoices on the Configure Handheld panel.