Warehouse Cutoff Time

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Warehouse cutoff time allows distributors to set the latest time each day that new orders will be accepted for delivery for the next scheduled delivery day. This can be useful if the distributor has a cutoff time for presale orders that they want to enforce, and they want to automatically push any orders submitted after that time to the next delivery day.

Warehouse cutoff time will involve both a mobile presell cutoff time and a warning window (in minutes).

  • The mobile presell cutoff time is the latest time each day that new orders are accepted for delivery for the next delivery day.
  • The warning window (in minutes) is the amount of time prior to the mobile presell cutoff time when presellers will begin receiving warnings that the cutoff time is approaching.

On eoTouch, eoTablet, and eoMobile, when a preseller is about to save an order for the next sell day, the handheld will check the current time against the warehouse cutoff time for the customer's warehouse, and if the time is within the warning threshold, it will warn the user that they're nearing the cutoff time. If the time is past the cutoff time, it will warn the user that the order will be pushed to the next delivery day. It will also give the user the option to cancel saving if they want to change the delivery date to a date of their choosing.

  • Promo prices and discounts that a customer would receive on an item if the order had been submitted before the cut off time will be removed if the new delivery date for the order falls outside of the active date range for that promo.
  • Currently the cut off time for the warehouse is not respecting different time zones on presell devices. So if a presell device is on a different timezone, it will not calculate what their difference is between the server time for that warehouse and the mobile device. So in the case of a warehouse with a 1PM cut off time and a 30 minute warning window that is on Eastern time zone, and some of the customers are in Central time; when the presell device is on Central time at 12:30PM the preseller will not get any of the cut off pushed delivery date warnings even though orders will not be pushed to next delivery date, even though it is 1:30PM Eastern. On that device they will not get a cut off message for orders being pushed off until after 1PM Central

Setting Up Warehouse Cutoff Time

  1. Go to Records > Warehouse > Records.
  2. Select the Warehouse.
  3. Check the Enforce mobile presell cutoff time box.
  4. Enter the Mobile presell cutoff time.
  5. Enter the Warning window (in minutes).
  6. Click Post.

Sample eoTouch Warning Message


Sample eoTouch Cutoff Message


Sample eoTablet Warning Message