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Service Zones

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Service Zones are a way of dividing service areas into designated geographic areas. As part of the Service Plugin, it is a setup page used on the Service Call Center screen when entering a service ticket after a service call has been made.

How To Create a New Service Zone

To create a new service zone:

  1. Access Service>Zones
  2. Give the new zone a name and number
  3. Assign a Service Tech to the zone. Set an employee as a Service Tech in Employee Records under 'Sales & Delivery Roles.'
  4. If needed, users have the option to assign a Temporary Service Tech, in the event that they primary Service Tech is unable to attend a service call.


Customers Panel

This panel allows users to select customers to assign to that particular zone. To assign a customer, select press the arrow button and select a customer, then press 'Add selected customer to a zone.'


Service Calls Panel

This panel lists the history of service calls to customers in this particular Service Zone.


Reports Panel

The Reports Panel allows users to generate a report of all the service calls (within the selected time period) in that particular Service Zone.