RoadNet Anywhere Interface to eoStar

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RoadNet Anywhere is a route software that eoStar interfaces with through the RoadNet Plugin.

In eoStar, the employee record is used for a route information rather than having a separate route record. Because the route in RoadNet Anywhere is dynamic, when a user tries to import the file into eoStar they receive an error message. This is due to the fact that the record does not exist in eoStar. To fix this issue the user will have to change some settings in RoadNet Anywhere prior to their import into eoStar as outlined below. These steps will update eoStar accordingly.

How-To Change the ID Number in RoadNet Anywhere

These steps are performed in RoadNet Anywhere.

  1. The Driver is assigned in route properties. Select the driver and assign the driver to the route. The driver record will show the drivers last name, first name, and ID number.
  2. Go to the Route ID field at the top of the screen and remove the pre-assigned route number and insert the Drivers ID number instead.
  3. In Properties, review and make sure the equipment is fine.
  4. Click the command button Save.
  5. Repeat these steps for all routes as needed.

The procedure for exporting orders is the same.