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Records>Warehouse>Private Agent
This screen is added with the Private Agent Plugin, and is used to assign private agent records to customer, supplier, and warehouse records.

The private agent should be set up as a supplier record as well as a customer record. This screen should then be used to tie these two records into a single Private Agent record based on warehouse locations.

A private agent customer is any customer record that will be tied in with the Private Agent Supplier. An order type can be set in the database configuration>Private Agent screen to automatically associate orders that are created by the system as part of a private agent transaction.

How-To Create A New Private Agent

  1. Go to Record>Warehouse>Private Agent.
  2. Click New on top bar.
  3. Specify record number by either selecting the provided number or create your own.
  4. Add information - Name, Source Warehouse, Destination Warehouse, Customer, Supplier.
  5. Click Save on top bar when finished.