Predictive Vending Delivery

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Fulfilling predictive vending orders in eoMobile is similar to standard vending. The main difference between standard vending orders and predictive vending orders is that the fill levels will automatically be populated, although still editable, with predictive vending.

How to Review and Upload Preorder Loads

  1. Go to Truck>Pre-order.
  2. In the pop-up, select the appropriate date.
  3. Tap Use entered date.
  4. Verify the suggested levels. If the driver knows the route well, they may wish to adjust these levels. After verifying the levels, tap Save.

How to Deliver Predictive Vending Product

Delivering predicted vending stops in eoMobile is very similar to normal vending or delivering presold vending orders.

  1. Tap the Deliveries: X of Y hyperlink.
  2. Tap the stop you need to service.
  3. Tap Deliver. Once in the delivery, it is the same as a normal vend ticket except the # of cases to deliver is prepopulated. This value can be changed as on any other vend ticket entry.

How to Print Route Cards

Route cards are a new printout that was created for predictive vending. They display useful information for filling machines and pulling product off the truck to use to fill the machines. Much of the information that the router can see on the backend in the predictive scheduling loading screen can also be seen on the route card. Additionally, it includes notes from the customer record (if any are present) as well as notes left by the router in the planning tab.

  1. Tap the Deliveries: X of Y hyperlink.
  2. Tap the stop for which you want to print a route card.
  3. Tap printer icon in the bottom left.
  4. Tap Print Route Card.