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OTC order beginning
Adding items to the order
Over-The-Counter (OTC) are any orders which are placed at the warehouse and are carried out of the warehouse by the customer. Additionally, the user may wish for simplicity's sake to use OTC orders for Employee Sales because the inventory is not loaded onto a truck. In order for an employee to be set as the Sold By employee on an OTC order, the OTC Seller sales role box on the employee's record must be checked.

How to Create an OTC Order

For more information on orders, see Order Entry Screen.

  1. Go to Orders>Over-The-Counter.
  2. Using the drop down arrows to select the Customer, Sold By, Sold On, and where it was sold from (Warehouse).
  3. Click the command button Start Order.
  4. Using the drop down arrow, select the Item.
  5. Select the Quantity and Package type.
  6. Click the command button Add.
    1. Forecast - predicts what the customer may buy based on past purchases.
    2. 90 day history - shows what the customer has bought within 90 days.
    3. Order # on ##/##/#### - shows past orders.
  7. Select the order off the center panel.
  8. On the bottom of the screen, any changes to the order may be made. Additionally it shows the Invoice Total.
    1. Taxes can be charged by selecting the check box next to Charge Tax.
    2. Additional charges, such as Freight charges or Per Package charges may be added by clicking the link to Additional Charges. (See Additional charges.)
  9. When all changes are complete with the order, select the command button Post.
  10. Enter in any payment information. Check the printing information. Click the correlating command button.

Signature Pad

In June 2010, changes were made to capture signatures for Over-The-Counter orders. If a signature pad is connected to the workstation a popup is shown for signature entry after the payment entry popup. For information, see Signature Pad Setup.

How-To Use the Signature Pad in OTC Orders

  1. After the order has been completed, select the command button Post.
  2. Enter in any payment information. Check the printing information. Click the correlating command button.
  3. Use the signature pad to capture the signature. Tap Correct on the pad.
  4. Finish the order.