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The following is a list of Support Tools built into eoStar to be used when troubleshooting customer issues.

Re-Computing SWIC

If SWIC levels are displaying values that appear to be incorrect, follow the steps below to re-compute SWIC.

  1. Go to TX > Inventory Overview > Maintenance Tab.
  2. Select the warehouse to re-compute.
  3. Un-check the box to Reuse memory copy of wic and idc (eoStar vs eonetservice).
  4. Click on Force Full Demands Re-Compute.
  5. Click on Force Full WIC Re-Download.
  6. Go to Records > Product > Records to review the SWIC numbers.

SWIC Re-Compute

Validate WMS Levels

The Validate WMS Levels tool will validate WMS levels against ION and make the necessary updates to the WMS & SWIC level levels for products. Follow the steps below to utilize this tool:

  1. Go to File > Database Administration. Once at the screen click on the Validate WMS Levels against ION button. This will prompt an Ion cache update that must be completed before you can use the tool. The tool must have up to date and accurate Ion information in order to accurately compare levels to the Ion cache.
    • If there are no discrepancies found you will receive a pop up stating that No issues found.
    • No Issues Found
  2. If discrepancies are located the in the validation scan they will be listed in the below grid.
  3. These corrections will need to be posted but you will want to inform the customer that you are going to do so. They will need to be able to handle the changes in WMS levels.
    • Discrepancies Found

Pick Tester

The Pick Tester simulation tool replicating the process of getting work from WMS pick dispatcher like you were getting work from the Get work tile in eowarehouse. It also has an option to pick using the Pick Special orders functionality for Hot Shots and special order type orders that are not necessarily palletized. To view the Pick Tester, go to TX > Pick Tester.

Pick Tester

In order to use the tester in the Get work mode you will need to have work available to pick in the WMS Pick Dispatcher.

  1. Choose the picker you want to use in your testing.
  2. Change any of the pickers permissions or pick settings they will be using based on what testing you want to do.
  3. If you want to the picks and get work to actual post to the DB you will need to uncheck the rollback setting.

Pick Tester

This tool can be used to test how changing settings will affect what work a picker will get when he gets work. In order to use the Special Pick tab, you will need to enter in a Hot Shot order number or an order that has an order type on it that the order type is checked for Pick via eoWarehouse on its Order Type record. The order must also be committed.

  1. 1. Enter the order number and hit the Claim order button.

Pick Tester

Vocollect Tester

Located in WMS > WMS Pick Dispatcher in the upper right corner of the screen in a hyper link that is only available when using the support bit, the Vocollect tester tool is used to simulate getting work if you were using a Vocollect device. This tool will use whatever vocollect settings the DB is set to use.

Vocollect Tester

In order to use Vocollect tester you must have eoStar scheduler installed, configured for the DB you are using and have the eostar Vocollect Service running. In order to use the tool, you will need to have work in the queue and a session running. Once that is set click on the hyperlink for the Vocollect tester.

  1. You will need to set the service IP, which will be the IP of where the scheduler is installed. This will most likely be your computers IP address. You should be able to keep the port as is unless if you changed the default settings.
  2. Select the employee you want to use in testing. Make sure this employee is setup with the correct permissions you want to use to test with in WMS Employee setup.
  3. The most common Messagetype you want to use is SimulateWork. This will simulate the employee getting work and you will then be able to post picks.
  4. You can see the communication happening to get the data for the picker. This will also be represented in the Vocollect log.
  5. You are then able to enter a Qty and send picks.

Vocollect Tester

If there was an error with the setup or there is no work for the employee in question, the Comm log will notify you.

Vocollect Tester