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Orders>Off-Truck adding items
Off-Truck are any orders which the products are sold out of the Truck. Off-Truck orders affect the truck inventory rather than the inventory in the warehouse.

How to Create a Off-Truck Order

  1. Go to Orders>Off-Truck.
  2. Using the drop down arrows select the Customer, Driver, Delivered, and where it was sold from (warehouse or truck).
  3. Click the command button "Start Order."
  4. Using the drop down arrow, select the Item.
  5. Select the Quantity and Package type.
  6. Click the command button "Add...".
    1. Forecast - predicts what the customer may buy based on past purchases.
    2. 90 day history - shows what the customer has bought within 90 days.
    3. Order # on ##/##/#### - shows past orders.
  7. Select the order off the center list.
  8. On the bottom of the screen, any changes to the order may be made as well as the Invoice Total.
    1. Taxes can be charged by selecting the check box next to Charge Tax.
    2. Additional charges, such as Freight charges or Per Package charges may be added by clicking the link to Additional Charges. See Additional charges.
  9. When all changes are complete with the order, select the command button Post.