MillerCoors Drive 2.0

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MillerCoors Drive 2.0 enables customers to send Forecast, Sales, and Inventory files to MillerCoors.

Feature Information

  • Functional Area: Administration
  • Roles Impacted: Admin Clerk
  • Platform: eoStar Backend
  • Plugins: MillerCoors Plugin


Records > Employee > Records > Plugins Panel:

  • File > Interface > MillerCoors > Export Drive Files


Database Configuration

Set the Export Version as Version 2 at File > Database Administration > Configure > MillerCoors Panel.

Warehouse Records

Enter the 6-digit Warehouse Ship-to ID provided by MillerCoors and set the Warehouse Time Zone at Records > Warehouse > Records > MillerCoors Panel.

EDI Trading Partner

Create a MillerCoors trading partner and map the MillerCoors DRIVE product numbers to the eoStar product numbers on the Item Map panel.

Supplier Record

Assign the MillerCoors trading partner to the MillerCoors supplier record at Records > Supplier > Supplier > Terms panel.

Exporting Drive Files

For the Forecast data to populate in this window, forecasting must be set up in eoStar. For more information on forecasting, see the Forecast_Plugin.

  1. Go to File > Interface > MillerCoors > Export Drive Files.
  2. Select the Year.
  3. Select the Week.
  4. Select the Warehouse.
  5. Click Create Files.
  6. Select the folder where the files should be saved.
  7. Click OK.