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About Wiki-eoStar
Eosmallblack.png is a modern route accounting software (RAS) package, developed by Rutherford & Associates, that integrates mobile devices, (for sales people, drivers, and warehouse personnel), and a back-office system. This wiki provides documentation and how-to guides for eoStar and the mobile devices.

The eoStar wiki was created to give Rutherford technicians and eoStar users a space to document anything related to the eoStar system. is constantly growing with over 2,220 articles full of useful information about eoStar. This wiki is largely unstructured and may be searched via the search box in the upper right corner. Please feel free to browse through this information and learn something new!

Our wiki site is for members of the eoStar user community. If you are an interested party who is not yet a member of the eoStar community, please contact a sales team representative at 616-392-5000 directly to request a login. If you are already a customer of Rutherford, please request a login here.

Note: A login is no longer necessary to view training materials on the wiki. Login credentials are still required to view release notes and plugin release notes.

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eoStar User Forum 2016

Rutherford and Associates will be holding its biennial User Forum and technology conference at Frederik Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids, Michigan on August 16-19.

During the forum, Rutherford and Associates will present customers with its path for the future, as well as leading discussion topics relating to new innovations and increased functionality in eoStar. These topics will include

In addition to the user sessions, there will also be a welcome dinner at Founders Brewery, the eoStar Awards Dinner, a golf outing at Macatawa Legends Golf Course, and a tour of Alliance Beverage.

Registration Ends on July 22nd

User Forum Topics


  • A Distributor Experience with WMS
  • WMS Deep Dive
  • Mobile Retail Execution
  • Advanced Order Processing
  • Service and Dispatch
  • Picking Solution Round table
  • Operations Odds & Ends


  • Retail Initiative
  • eoStar Ins & Out
  • Craft Brewer Panel
  • Got Orders?
  • Upcoming Initiatives: Miller Coors
  • Upcoming Initiatives: Coke
  • Sales Odds & Ends

Administration and Reporting

  • Cloud – Where do you want to go?
  • ION Reports: Old & New
  • Finance
  • Distributor Allowances, Price Support, Rebates
  • EDI Unlocked
  • Multi-Company Handling.
  • Security and Auditing

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