Initialize Vending Machine

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Once you have set up the vending machine (see Vending Plugin for instructions), the vending machine must be initialized on the handheld.

To initialize and setup on eoMobile, follow the instructions below:

1. Select the customer you want to setup.


2. Select Service, and then Vending Machines. (You will likely see a number in parenthesis after the words)


3. Select the vending machine that you’re looking to setup and hit Enter new ticket.

Set up Machine

4. If the machine has not been setup yet, you will be prompted with the following (NOTE: This will ONLY appear the first time you are visiting this machine):


5. Press Okay. You’ll be shown the following (NOTE: this list will be prepopulated if you provided a machine layout prior to the switch).


This is where you setup all of the columns of the vending machine. You will need to select a Price, Par level, number of columns, and an item.

6. First, click the Price button and enter in the price you’re going to be using as shown below:


7. Next click the Par button and enter in the par level as shown below:


8. Next click the Cols button and enter in the number of columns you’re going to add for the particular item you’re setting up:


9. Now click the Select item to add … button and select the item from the list that is given, similar to the list below (If the item is not listed, use the magnifying glass in the bottom right to search for the appropriate item):


10. As soon as you select an item, it will add the columns with the settings selected to the grid as shown below. Be sure to add the columns in the appropriate order. Once complete, you should see something similar to this:


11. You can reorganize the columns by clicking the blue ID number hyperlink and assigning the correct number:


12. Once you have entered in the new ID number and hit Save if the ID already exists, you’ll see the conflicting IDs highlighted in red.


13. At this point, you must ENSURE that ALL of the machine’s columns are setup.


14. Double-check this screen to make sure that the vending machine is setup correctly. At this point you can still make any changes that you need to setup this machine correctly.

Correcting an Issue

15. To correct an issue with the par level or price, make the appropriate changes to the price and par button, select the row that you need to update, and select the update button.

This will take you to the following screen (your list of items will likely differ):


16. Select the appropriate item from this list (the item can be the same item if there is no change) and hit Use selected item to update column 2 (the number 2 will correspond to what column you’re updating in the machine layout).

You should then be taken back to the layout with the changes reflected:


17. At this point, you can select Proceed to perform normal Vend service. (Skip to step 2 in the “How to service a Vending Machine” guide).

NOTE: Once you select “Proceed” from this screen, you will NOT be able to visit this again for this machine.


  • Over fill by item, not by case
  • Regular fills can be done by case or by unit depending on the setting on machine model
  • Over fills determine the inventory levels and sales product
  • Users are able to pull items and modify columns if needed
  • Tickets can be re-opened and recapped (like normal tickets)
  • When filling by units, the 'Over' column will always be present
  • When filling by case, and there is no 'bag#', there the 'Over' column is not present
  • After filling the machine, vend tickets cannot be entered or modified in DRS