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For holidays, changes should be made in order to access the missed customers that fell on the holiday.


Salesmen can use the selling day hyperlink to change the schedule on the run route screen to examine a list of customers for the holiday.

  1. From the main screen, tap Run Route.
  2. The Run Route screen contains a list of customers for the day.
  3. Tap the hyperlink ## Stops for Date. Select the day of the holiday.

There is a limitation when the holiday is Monday, and on Tuesday the user is selling for Monday. By using this hyperlink, the Monday schedule loaded would be next Monday, not the past Monday (for every other week accounts).

Call day selection menu.JPG


To assign deliveries for holidays, change the dates on the orders through the Orders>Delivery Dispatch screen. (The orders may be found by click the hyperlink Click Here to Re-dispatch Missed Deliveries.)

The orders that fell on the holiday will be sent to the driver's handheld.

Start dispatch delivery dispatch screen.gif