EoWarehouse Troubleshooting

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Windows 10

Windows 10 does not have the swipe from the edge feature. Use the computer button at the top of the screen to expose the app bar.


WMS Virtual Levels

If an item as a negative virtual level (i.e. transfer out), run the WMS > Clear Virtual Levels tool to move the negative level to the variance location.

No Work Available

If no work is available for a user when trying to pick, make sure the pick session is started and work is being dispatched. Also, if zone picking is enabled, make sure the employee is allowed to pick products from the zones available.

With voice pick, confirm the eoStar-Vocollect service is running.

Move Stocks

Move stocks can be performed from the backend if needed via WMS > Move stock.

If products cannot be moved to a location because of restrictions, check the WMS > Locations > More panel attributes.

Missing Tiles

If tiles are missing from an employee's hub screen, check the employee's Permissions panel AND the Plugins Panel - WMS Ops Section.

Additional Options

Several screens have additional options in the app bar available by swiping from the top or bottom of the screen.

Receiving Transfers/ASNs

When receiving transfers, make sure to select the pallets (identified with an asterisk), swipe up from the bottom and tap confirm pallets.


eoWarehouse Date Codes

When receiving a purchase, make sure to enter the date code in the correct format. If the product has a born-on date, eoWarehouse will automatically calculate the expiration date based on the shelf life. If the date is not entered in the correct format eoWarehouse will read the date as an expiration date.


Export a Scratchpad

To export a scratchpad, make sure to log out first, swipe from the right to expose the Windows charms and choose Settings > Diagnostics > Export Scratchpad. You will then be prompted by Windows to choose a location to save the file.

EoWDiagnostics.jpg EoWarehouseDiagnostics.jpg


If data appears to be incorrect or not current, swipe from the left side of the screen and tap Settings > Warehouse > Redownload.



If an error occurs while printing purchase pallet labels, the entire purchase can be reprinted through WMS > Reprint pallet labels.

Zebra printer troubleshooting

  • Run the zebra configure tool on the IIS server eoWarehouse is connecting through.
  • If using thermal-direct printing it may need to be set in 2 locations as shown below. If not the printer will say "Alert Ribbon Out".