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EoWarehouse - Pick Special Orders

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Pick Special Orders is a simple picking solution typically used with hot shots or orders that bypass normal order processing. This solution differs from the pick kiosk and electronic pick ticket as it is only used for orders that are flagged with a particular order type. Once an order has a quick pick order type set and it has been committed, it will load in to the Pick Special Orders screen so that it may be picked. These orders can only be picked by one person at a time. The entire order will be listed to pick, meaning it will be up to the order selector to decide how to build a multiple pallet order.

Get Special Order Picks

  1. Tap the Pick Special Orders tile.
  2. All special orders will be listed.
    • Special orders are assigned an order type flagged for Pick via eoWarehouse on the processing panel.
  3. Use the filters to find orders of a specific type.
    • Each order type in the list will be available as a filter.
  4. Use the search field to find a specific order number, driver/route, or customer.
  5. The following information is listed for each order:
    a. Order Number
    b. Driver/Route Name
    c. Customer Name
    d. Number of Cases
    e. Number of Kegs
  6. Tap an order to claim it and begin picking.
    • Scanning a barcode containing the order number will also pick-up a special order.

Picking via Pick Special Orders

After selecting the order to work on, the screen will display several items:

  1. The truck bay the pallet is assigned.
  2. The pallet ID.
  3. The pallet position (A,B,or C).
  4. The location to drop the pallet when picking is complete.
  5. The truck the pallet is for.
  6. The pallet size.
  7. Layer: XX - The layer-pick pallet ID.
    • Only visible for layer-picked pallets that need to be topped-off.
  8. Unassign - Tap to unassign the pallet(s) and put them back into the work queue.
  9. Break - Tap to go on break
    • Tap Get Work to return from break.
    • The same pallet(s) will appear to be picked.
  10. Tap in the middle of the screen to dismiss the information bars and access the picking information.


Using the Pick Screen

  1. Break - Tap to go on break.
    • Tap Get Work to return from break.
    • The same pallet will appear to be picked.
  2. Warehouse location of product to be picked.
  3. Empty - Tap to mark the product as zero picked.
  4. Short - Tap to mark the product as short picked.
    • A pop-up will appear to record the quantity picked.
  5. Scan UPC - Displayed if the quantity to pick is less than the threshold for the warehouse.
    • The picker must scan the product once for each pack ordered.
  6. The quantity to pick.
  7. A/B/C - The pallet position the product is for.
    • Up to three pallets can be picked at once.
  8. All X Picked - Tap to record the item as fully picked.
    • Scanning the product UPC will also mark it as fully picked.
    • If the pick quantity is less than the warehouse threshold, this button is not available until each pack ordered has been scanned.
  9. Product name and number.
  10. Review Completed - Tap to review completed picks and adjust quantities.
  11. Info - Tap to display the pallets being worked on.

After all items are picked tap Get Work to receive the next assignment.


Change Pick Location

If more than one pick location is available for a product, the pick location can be changed.

  1. Tap the pick location
  2. Scan the alternate location to change the location