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eoTablet Order Entry with explanations.
eoTablet Order Entry menu explanation.
The Order Entry option on EoTablet is used similarly to the order entry screens on both eoMobile and in the backend system. Here, it is possible to make a pre-sell order for the selected customer. This order is sent to the Order Tracker after a full sync.

In March 2010, changes were made so that it was possible to show retail UPC codes in a column. Changes were also made to highlight both Adds and Cuts in recent orders.

It is possible to Hold an order by taping the command button Hold on the menu bar. This ability, will not remove zero-quantity items on the invoice; but instead leave these items so that the user may return to the invoice and complete it at a later time. Held orders will show a red "On Hold" on the customer list, which can be tapped to re-open the order. It is also possible to reopen a held order by selecting the customer and tapping Pre-sell. The order may also be re-opened through the recap screen. The user may perform the upload-only operation even if there are orders on hold.

In July 2010, changes were made so that eoTablet could sort lines on an invoice. To sort the items on an invoice, click on either the Description or Prod # grid headers. Note lines stay below the item they were below before sorting, and a note line at the top of an invoice stays there when sorted.

In June 2012, changes were made allowing a scanner to be used for product entry.

How-To Create An Order using eoTablet

  1. From eoTablet's main screen, tap Run Route.
  2. Tap Pre-sell.
  3. Add products to the order by taping Find & Add Products. Add the amount of product sold.
  4. Add a delivery charge, by taping Delivery Charge.
  5. To change the pack size of a product to an alt-pack, tap Change Pack.
  6. Used the drop down arrow at the bottom of the screen to toggle between available information on the order or about the customer.
  7. When finished making changes to the order, tap Save.

Auto-Bump Promotion Quantities

With the addition of the AutoBump Plugin, users may "bump" the quantity of product(s) in a promotion to meet the minimum threshold for receiving the discount. If the promotion has mix & match enabled, multiple items may be bumped in order to reach the promotion's requirements.

How To Bump Promotions on eoTablet

  1. Tap Run Route.
  2. Select a customer and tap Pre-sell'.
  3. The description is highlighted for product(s) with a promotion available.
  4. Change the bottom section to show Available Promotions.
  5. Tap +X More to open the Bump screen.
  6. Enter the Bump quantities.
    • The total Required Bump quantity is displayed in the upper-left.
    • If there are additional Must Buy groups, they will be listed along with the minimum quantity for each group.
  7. Click Apply Required Bumps.
    • This button will be disabled until all promotion requirements have been met.

Mix & match bump to eotablet.jpg

Retail Prices

This page outlines how to show, hide, and edit the Retail Prices on the Pre-Sell handheld. This information is also available for Download Here.

Retail price lists can be created in the backend system and then attached to the customer through the Records>Customer>Records Retail Prices Panel; however, sometimes the selected customer may not have any retail prices populated in the column because a Retail Price List is not assigned to them.

As such, Retail prices can also be added and edited during a Pre-sell order. The edits are then sent to the backend system during a full sync and populate the Override column in Records>Customer>Records Retail Prices Panel. During the next order for the customer, the new retail prices will be shown. Pre-sell Users can only edit the retail prices if the permission “May Edit Retail Prices on Mobile Devices” on the Records>Employee>Records Permissions Panel and the checkbox “Allow Mobile Device Users To Maintain Retail Prices For This Customer” on the Records>Customer>Records Retail Prices Panel is checked.

Previously, the retail prices column was not color coded. Now, if the price is an overridden, it is displayed in red. If it is a price from a retail price list (not overridden) it is displayed in green. Also, if there is a retail listed price and the user clears the override, then the default list price will now display.

In December 2009, changes were made to add a retail prices override screen. For more information, see Handheld - Retail Prices.

How-To Show and Edit Retail Prices

Hh retail prices 1.gif

Hh retail prices 2.gif

How-To Hide Retail Prices

Hh retail prices 3.gif

Retail Prices on eoTablet

The retail prices on eoTablet are populated the same way as eoMobile. To show the Retail prices, from the order entry screen tap Columns and Show Retail Prices.

EoTablet retail prices.gif

Build-To Levels Sample
Added with the Build-to Plugin, the build-to levels are setup in the backend system through the Customer Records Build-To Panel. These levels may be edited through the pre-sell screen on the Salesperson handheld.

The Build-to plugin saves a pre-seller a considerable amount of time while entering orders using a handheld. Within eoStar, desired inventory quantities can be entered for each product. When a pre-seller enters a count for a customer via their handheld, the appropriate field will suggest an order quantity by using the build-to value that was entered for the product. For example, if the build-to value for product # 8764 is 5 and the customer has a count of 3, then the quantity field will be populated with a suggested order quantity of 2 when the Auto-Calc QTY menu option is selected. The suggested order quantity can be overridden.

Additionally, it is possible to edit the build-to levels. For example, if the count for product # 8764 is 3, and the quantity is 4, then the build-to level may be changed to 7 when the Auto-Calc Build-To menu option is selected.

With the creation of build-to levels in the backend, the build to column will be available to be viewed instantly on the handheld. To view this column, tap the star menu, and then Customize layout. Select the box labeled BLD.

How-To View the Build-to Column

  1. From the Pre-Sell order screen, tap the Star Menu.
  2. Tap Customize Layout.
  3. Select the box next to "BLD".

View the build-to column.jpg

How-To Auto Calculate the Quantity using Build-to

  1. From the Pre-Sell Order Screen, tap the Invoice button.
  2. Add in the Count amount.
  3. Tap the Star Menu and then Auto-Calc QTY.
  4. Tap Yes.

How to auto calculate the quantity using build to explanation.jpg

How-to Auto Calculate the Build-to Levels

  1. From the Pre-Sell Order Screen, tap the Invoice button.
  2. Add in the Count amount.
  3. Tap the Star Menu and then Auto-Calc Build-To.
  4. Tap Yes.

How to auto calc the build to levels explanation.jpg

eoTablet Review Pre-Sells
The review pre-sells option on eoTablet is used to review and make edits to already created orders. These orders have not yet been uploaded into the backend system. The radio buttons at the bottom of the screen allow for the user to toggle between information.

How-To Review Pre-Sell Orders

  1. From eoTablet's main screen, tap Review Pre-Sells.
  2. Select the order from the list and tap Re-Open Selected Order.
Records>Products>Brand Families
This feature is added with the addition of the Beer/Wine Plugin. Brand families are a way of assigning territories based on large sets of brands in eoStar. Brand families are used in ION Reports where it is possible to isolate information based on both brand families and brands.

Product brands can be assigned to a Brand Family through the Brand's Beer Wine Panel. Multiple brands can be in a brand family. In order for a customer to purchase the products within the brand family, they should be assigned that brand family through the Customer Beverage Panel. This will affect the customer's list of available products for purchase on the Customer Records Can Buy Panel.

How-To Add a New Brand Family

  1. Go to Records>Products>Brand Families.
  2. Click the command button New.
  3. Type in information - Name.
  4. When finished making changes, click the command button Post.

How-To Apply a Brand Family to a Brand

  1. Go to Records>Product>Brands beer/wine panel.
  2. Using the drop down arrow, select the brand family.
  3. When finished making changes, click the command button Post.

How-To Assign a Brand Family to a Customer

  1. Go to Records>Customer>Records Beverage Panel.
  2. Using the drop down arrow under Brand Family Assignments, check the Brand Families to include for this customer.
  3. When finished making changes, click the command button Post.

Additional Information

Reports Panel

This panel shows any reports related to the selected Brand Family record. The selected report can be changed under the report segment in the bottom box and by the time period. The reports shown here can be sent to both the printer and excel. For more information, see Reports Panel.