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Dunnage, or empty pallets and kegs, are handled within the system. Through the creation of a negative value in either orders or purchases, dunnage is marked as returned.

To create dunnage within the system, label products as dunnage by checking the Is Dunnage checkbox for the Product Permission Flags. Additionally, creating a Product Category which is marked as Omit From ION Reports will prevent the items from being reported in ION.

If a customer is returning dunnage to the company, type in negative quantities for items in an Order. When the company is returning dunnage to a supplier, enter a negative quantity to a purchase for the selected supplier. Run the order or the purchase through the system like normal.

Dunnage items add some additional functionality regarding deposits. Notice that on the Customer Records Terms panel, it is possible to select three different settings for charging deposits. If a customer is flagged as “Charge only non-dunnage deposits,” items flagged as “Is Dunnage” will not have their deposits charged to that account.