Last modified on 8 December 2008, at 17:13

Create a Shelf sequence

Use the Records>Customer>Shelf Sequence menus to access the Shelf sequence screen

Shelf Sequence

Follow the steps below to create a shelf sequence.

  1. Open the shelf sequence view by using the menus listed under the image from above.
  2. Select the “New” button
  3. Enter a meaningful name for the sequence. For example, if the sequence is to be used at meijer in Grand Rapids, it could be called “Meijer Grand Rapids”.
  4. Select the “Save” button.
  5. Select the sections panel
  6. Select section 1 in the lower left hand corner.
  7. Use the drop down arrows within the “Add item” section to add products to the selected section.
  8. Select the “Add now” button.
  9. Select the “Post” button to save your changes.

Shelf Sequence

Once a shelf sequence has been setup it can be assigned to customers (How-To: Assign a Shelf sequence to a customer)