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Combine Orders

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The combine orders screen is used to merge orders for the same customer and scheduled to deliver the same day. When combining orders:

  • The lowest order number will be kept and the other order(s) will be voided.
  • All order lines and notes from the voided order(s) will be merged into the order that is kept.
  • A note listing the order it was combined with will be added to the voided order(s).

Feature Information

  • Functional Area: Operations
  • Roles Impacted: Warehouse Manager
  • Platform: eoStar Backend
  • Plugins: Combine Orders Plugin


Plugins Panel

Records > Employee > Records > Plugins Panel:

  • Orders > Combine Orders

Orders that Cannot be Combined

How to Combine Orders

  1. Go to Orders > Combine Orders.
  2. Select the Delivery Date.
    • Only orders scheduled to be delivered on the selected date will be included.
  3. Select the Source Warehouse(s).
    • Only orders for the selected warehouse(s) will be included.
  4. Check Exclude Returns to prevent an order with a negative quantity from the being combined.
  5. Check Combine? for orders that should be merged.
    • All orders eligible to be combined are selected by default.
  6. Uncheck Hide Ineligible to include orders that cannot be combined in the grid.
  7. Click Select all eligible orders to check Combine? for all orders than can be combined.
  8. Click Deselect All to uncheck Combine? for all orders listed in the grid.
  9. Click Combine Listed Orders to merge marked orders.