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The California Tax plugin was begun in May 2010. California distributors are required by law to collect and track California Redemption Value (CRV) fees on beverage products packaged in aluminum, plastic, glass, or bimetal containers. This plugin tracks the CRV fees within eoStar.

Permission to view and change CRV values is granted through the checkbox Change CRVs on the Employee and Departments Permissions Panel.

  • CRV rates may be set for each container type.
    • Rates currently are .10 for containers >= 24oz and .05 for containers < 24oz.
  • CRV rates are shown on customer invoice line items and there is a summary of CRV charges by container type on printed customer invoices.
  • Ability to associate CRV fees with a specific ledger account (or accounts).
  • Ability to report on CRV fees collected by container type, by date range.
  • CRV is levied on all applicable items and customers, regardless of the price, discount, or deposit (even “free goods” carry a CRV charge).
  • Database Administrators can remove CRV via the SuperScreen.
  • CRV is not charged on sales to customers marked as distributors (the checkbox Wholesaler is checked on the Customer Beverage Panel).
  • EDI UFF Format includes the CRV Value.
  • CRV amounts are visible to handheld and tablet users.
  • CRV amounts are also visible in reconciliation.

It Added

The CRV tax rate for a container type is assumed to apply to each individual unit sold, so the CRV amount on an order takes into account item pack size. For a given item, the primary pack's CRV is calculated as the CRV container tax rate multiplied by the units per case (configurable via the Product Records Beverage Panel.) Alt-packs receive CRV charges proportional to the primary pack charge.

For example, if a CRV container type "Aluminum" was defined with a tax rate of $0.10, and the container type was applied to a SKU with 6 units per pack and 2 packs per case, the total CRV charge for each case shipped would be

($0.10 * 6 * 2) = $1.20.

If there were also a "6pk" alt-pack which was half of a case, the CRV charge for each 6-pack would be

($0.10 * 6 * 2) / 2 = $0.60.