AutoBump Plugin

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The AutoBump plugin is used in conjunction with Promotions. Auto-bump can automatically bump the amount of product in an order to meet the promotional amount. For example, if a promotion has a minimum amount of 50 cases, and the customer orders 45, then auto-bump will give the customer the option to "bump" up to that amount in order to receive the promotional price.

The auto-bump will only "work" if both the customer and the product are included in a rule.

To view a sample auto-bump rule used, see Auto-Bump Tutorial Video.

It Added:


There are levels of access available for each individual employee or a specific employee department. The Permissions Panel limits or expands the field of access towards certain functions of eoStar and also creates a level of security.

  • Orders > Auto-bump rules - Grants access to the Auto-bump Rules screen, which is used to design the guidelines for auto-bumping the amounts for promotions.
  • Orders > Auto-bump orders - Grants access to the Auto-bump Orders screen, which is used to view orders and possibly auto-bump the ordered amounts to fulfill promotional amounts.