Alcohol Compliance Import

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The alcohol compliance import tool is used to load a state-provided list of customers who are out of compliance with state laws for purchasing alcohol. The import will update the customers in the alcohol compliance grid for the selected state, adding customers newly out of compliance and removing those who are back in compliance. Non-complying customers will automatically have a hold code applied and their payment terms overridden.

  • Non-complying customers will also be noted at Records > Customer > Records > Terms Panel and Assignments Panel.
    • An Alcohol Compliance Override link will appear. Click the link to jump to Records > Customer > States > Alcohol Compliance Panel.
  • At this time, the tool is only setup to read files provided by the states of New Jersey and New York.
    • This page will be updated as support is added for files from additional states.

Feature Information

  • Functional Area: Administration
  • Roles Impacted: Admin Clerk
  • Platform: eoStar Backend
  • Plugin: eoStar Core


Before a file may be imported successfully, the non-compliance settings must be entered at Records > Customers > States > Alcohol Compliance Panel.

  • Settings must be entered for each state a file will be imported for.

How To Import a File

Alcohol Compliance Import
  1. Go to AR > Alcohol Compliance Import.
  2. Select the State the import is for.
  3. Click Load File.
  4. Browse to the import file and click Open.
  5. The grid will populate based on the data in the file.
    • All eoStar customer records with a liquor license that matches a license in the file will be displayed.
  6. The Include field indicates which lines will be imported.
    • Checked - The line will be included in the import (default).
    • Unchecked - The line will be ignored.
  7. The Customer #, Customer, and License # fields are pulled from the eoStar customer record.
  8. The License From File is the license number from the import file.
  9. Add/Remove indicates if the customer is out of compliance.
    • Add - Customer is out of compliance with state laws and will be added to the state's compliance list.
    • Remove - Customer is complying with state laws and will be removed from the state's compliance list.
  10. The Pending Orders field displays the number of orders waiting to be delivered to the customer.
    • After posting the import, details of all pending orders for non-complying customers may be viewed and, if necessary, voided at Records > Customer > Hold Codes > Orders Panel.
  11. Use the Include/Exclude Selected links to check/uncheck multiple lines at once.
  12. Click Post.