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eoStar® is a modern route accounting software (RAS) package that integrates mobile devices, (for sales people, drivers, and warehouse personnel), and a back-office system.

It is a Microsoft Windows based system developed with .NET and SQL Server for maximum flexibility, and provides management information for Route distribution businesses (businesses that purchase from manufacturers and sell to retailers) with specific support for Beer and Wine distributors. It manages all warehouse, back-office, and route management functions, while providing detailed reports and integration with a variety of accounting systems.

Additionally, there are many provided interfaces to other organizations, software packages, and trading partners to allow comprehensive exporting and importing of data (such as invoices, payments, purchases, tax records, etc.).

This wiki provides documentation and how-to guides for eoStar and the mobile devices. Wiki-eoStar.com is constantly growing with over 1,616 articles full of useful information about eoStar. Please feel free to browse through this information and learn something new!

For information on the basics of eoStar, see Getting Started with eoStar.

Creators of eoStar®

Rutherford & Associates is the sole author of eoStar and provides full support and training to the users of eoStar.

For more information, visit www.eostar.com.